The new hydrogen permeation and you can balances out-of BSCY perovskite-method of membranes was learned in the high temperatures

The new hydrogen permeation and you can balances out-of BSCY perovskite-method of membranes was learned in the high temperatures

Perovskite-type membrane Ba0.5Sr0.5Ce0.nineY0.1O3-? (BSCY) was successfully synthesized by liquid citrate method. The phase structure of the powder was characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD). Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was used to characterize microstructures of the membrane sintered under various conditions. SEM results showed that increasing in sintering temperature, formed dense membrane with clear grains. XRD results for BSCY membrane that sintered in 1150 °C indicated single phase perovskite structure with orthorhombic configuration, and SEM results showed dense structure with clear grain size which is suitable for permeation tests. Partial substitution of Sr with Ba in SCY structure improved the hydrogen permeation flux through the membrane due to the larger ionic radius of Ba 2+ . BSCY membrane shows high hydrogen permeation flux of 1.6 ml/ 2 at 900 °C and partial pressure of 0.6.

twenty-four Teachers’ Attitudes of the Bad Feeling out of Tobephobia on their Ideas and you may Employment Fulfillment

The purpose of this research was to investigate this new the quantity out-of instructors experiences of tobephobia (TBP) within heterogeneous classrooms and you can what effect that it had on their attitude and employment pleasure. The brand new expansive and you will consistently modifying need for high quality and equivalent training for all children when you look at the informative organizations that have limited tips connotes that the aftereffects of TBP can’t be merely forgotten as the becoming non-existent in the instructional ecosystem. Because decimal research shows, coaches hating work with reduced traditional, diminished motivation within their work environment and you may pessimism, lead to their reduced care about-esteem. If there is pessimism at the office, then the employees worry about-admiration often inevitably getting reduced, since discussed from the 97.1% of your own participants within data. Self-esteem is an established indication away from whether employees are pleased otherwise perhaps not inside their operate & most the participants for the this study assented you to the feel away from TBP adversely affected to your the mind-admiration. And therefore, so it exploratory data strongly shows that output in the workplace are myself attached to the professionals criterion, self-count on in addition to their notice-esteem. It is therefore inconceivable for coaches are productive inside their normal classrooms in the event that the genuine top-notch questions, anxiety, and curriculum demands aren’t properly addressed. That it empirical analysis causes our knowledge towards the TBP as it clearly contours a few of the practise conditions that our company is grappling with and constantly experience in our very own colleges within this century. Therefore, it’s crucial the tobephobic experiences out-of educators aren’t only reported, but appropriately addressed with related action from the all the stakeholder associated with studies to make sure that our instructors attitude and business fulfillment need try fully straightened out.

23 A four-Year Examination of Thyroid Carcinoma from inside the Hail Part: Enhanced Frequency

Records and you can Goal: In most areas of the world, the new occurrence out-of thyroid disease could have been expanding within the last ten years, mostly on account of a mixture of early recognition of the neoplasm due to sensitive steps and you can improved society exposure to light and you can unrecognized carcinogens. Methods: Instances of thyroid malignant tumors had been recovered throughout the cancer tumors registry from the Queen Khalid Hospital from inside the several months out of . Ages, intercourse and histopathologic designs was indeed registered. Results: Thyroid carcinoma rated once the next common malignancy in women (25%) immediately following breast cancer (31%). They constituted 20.8% of the many freshly diagnosed cancer tumors circumstances. In terms of males, they ranked the 4 th particular most cancers once intestinal disease, lymphomas and you can softer cells sarcomas. Suggest many years for ladies and males is 38.eight +/- 13.2 and you can +/- 11.five years, correspondingly, while the difference between both groups are statistically significant (p well worth = 0.0001). Fifty-four (82%) was papillary carcinomas including ten follicular variation off papillary (FVPC), and you may 7 papillary small carcinomas (PMC) as well as 2 significant mobile/oncocytic versions. Follicular carcinomas constituted a couple (step three.1%), while several (3.1%) was in fact anaplastic, and two (3.1%) was basically medullary. Conclusion: Thyroid gland cancers chance from inside the Hail is ranks while the 2 nd most commonly known lady cancer malignancy exactly like almost every other regions throughout the Empire. Yet not, it high chance contrasts that have reduced costs all over the world.