Kyo possess a very stressful and cool relationship with Akito

Kyo possess a very stressful and cool relationship with Akito

The guy viewpoints this lady since a sadistic and you can vicious person and you will retains zero self-confident attitude into the woman. Akito, inturn, looks upon Kyo to be brand new Cat, believes his true means was disgusting, that he’s the reason behind their mom’s committing suicide and that he, for this reason, doesn’t have earned are pleased. This lady has been already been shown to be in person and you will emotionally abusive on Kyo; using his insecurities and you can belittling Tohru with the knowledge that Kyo loves the girl. She’s never ever once believed that Kyo perform earn their wager, off in the event the Kyo perform defeat Yuki, however become a part of the Zodiac, and consequently made her choice to lock your up on Cat’s Area clear. not, she as well as says to your one to she “loves” him and this even if everybody makes your, she will visit your in his phone. Kyo, even when he can become extremely intense toward Akito in some situations that’s never apprehensive with the thought of having to tell you his disdain towards the her, concerns Akito which can be never ever capable defy this lady wills since she’s new “God”. Immediately following Kyo resigns themselves for the future Akito has chosen for your, Akito informs him the guy never needs to go back to the lady again, and Kyo chooses to just not annoy himself along with her anymore when he deems carrying out anything, like hanging out with Tohru, more critical regarding kept date they have kept.

Although not, by the end whenever Akito alter towards ideal because of Tohru’s influence, she chooses to destroy the fresh Cat’s space and tells Kyo you to definitely he or she is able to reside in in whatever way he enjoys. If you are Kyo try shocked, the guy seems to delight in her change out of psychology. Despite the fact that have not it really is resigned, Kyo appears to have forgiven Akito to a certain degree and you will does not notice Tohru being household members together. He also mentions that he’s regretful to be thus violent with Akito – a woman, due to the fact he had noticed Akito as men.

Momiji Sohma

Whenever you are Momiji is quite attracted to Kyo; will demonstrating passion into your and constantly welcoming him so you’re able to events, Kyo is frequently annoyed by Momiji’s most happy-go-lucky, energetic, and you can erratic character as well as him not having one experience regarding personal area, on top of other things. When Momiji try bothering your extreme, Kyo is not frightened to demonstrate his disdain or annoyance into your from the smacking him otherwise hitting your. Despite the fact that, they get on quite nicely and Kyo does not frequently end up being troubled by their company and if the guy hugs your. Kyo and additionally generally seems to care about Momiji to the stage in which he or she is ready to instruct him in the one thing he could be interested regarding, such as for example in which and how to catch stag beetles.

Whenever both of them afterwards realize he is crazy having Tohru, the relationship will get some tense. Momiji is conscious to the fact that Kyo and you can Tohru like one another, hence Kyo gave abreast of desire Tohru on account of as being the Cat among other causes, but the guy says to your to not stop and you can cravings him so you’re able to easily work towards their emotions, when he do inexpensive Tohru out of him if you don’t. In addition to the common love for Tohru, Kyo certainly seems to manage Momiji and you can inspections on him when he feels like Momiji is actually sick. When Kyo later gets in addition to Tohru, he’s proven to be alarmed from inside the attention away from Momiji, however, he suggests Kyo it is fine.

Hatsuharu Sohma

Kyo and you may Hatsuharu skilled martial arts along with her throughout their teens and you will fused over it. They sooner or later install a bit of a rivalry; Haru becoming calculated to 1 time defeat Kyo inside a good martial arts challenge. Though Kyo isn’t as driven, he’s constantly prepared to spar with Haru and you may really does very fairly when you’re holding Haru’s show within the large value. Aside from the rivalry, Kyo becoming aggravated by their sky-headed personality, and you will Kyo definitely detesting their “Black colored Haru” persona, he could be family members and just have along very well. Haru as well as states that he enjoys Kyo, not in the sense the guy wants Yuki.